DIY: Turn old crayons into fun-shaped new ones

DIY molded crayons

Spring is almost here and I’ve been doing my best to consolidate things in the house or just plain get rid of them, whether it be donating or pitching depending on the condition.

While going through my kids’ playroom I noticed we had a ton of mismatched crayons, including broken and half-eaten ones. My one-year-old has a thing for putting anything in his mouth, so I can’t even blame the chewed up ones on my dog!

I didn’t want to throw them out because we had a lot, so I did some searching on how to re-purpose them. Turns out you can melt them and make fun-shaped crayons. Genius!

You can either color coordinate your crayons like I did, or make multi-colored shapes. Those are super fun and are great to travel with.

Here’s what to do.

DIY molded crayons

Items needed:
Old crayons
Silicone mold (I used this one from Wilton)

Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees.

Peel all of the paper off crayons.

If some crayons are not broken, be sure to break some in half so they fit in mold.
Group crayons together by color or put multiple colors in one mold for a fun tie-dyed effect.

Fill each mold about half way.

Bake for 10-15 minutes. (Mine took 15 because I had different brands of crayons in there and they all melted differently.)

Let cool before popping out of mold. To speed up cooling time, place mold in freezer for five minutes.

***Tip*** If placing multiple colors in one shaped mold, be careful when pulling out of the oven. If you swirl the colors it’ll turn brown. You’ll want to do this slowly so as to keep the tie-dye effect in tact.

Great uses for molded crayons:

1. Party favors

2. First crayon for young toddlers. Easy to grip.

3. Travel crayons, they are thick and don’t break as easily as traditional ones.

Happy coloring!


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    Shell says

    Love, love love this idea!! So cute, fun craft project, and great recycling idea too! Thanks for sharing!