De-clutter your closets in 3 simple steps

Clothing organization

{Guest Post} There are three categories that I think cause most of the clutter in the home…clothes, paperwork and toys. My organization philosophy is “everything needs to have its own place, or its own container. If it has somewhere to be stored, chances are it may eventually get back there.”

{Progresso™ Light Soup Review} New Year, New Habits

Progresso Light Soup

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do understand why people do them. Instead of quitting bad habits, I like the idea of starting a healthy habit and sticking to it. There’s no better time than the new year, because it’s an easy date to remember and you can hold yourself accountable. […]

{Recipe} Almond Biscotti for Christmas

Italian Almond Biscotti

For a lot of folks, Christmas time also means cookie time. We all have our yearly traditions and this is just one of mine. If you’re looking for an authentic Italian cookie, look no further. This is straight from the homeland!