{Giveaway} A dry baby makes for a happy baby…and family!


Since my son’s body stays nice and dry through the night, he wakes up happy and ready to face the day. He’s a bit impatient waiting to get out of his crib but I’m sure he’s thrilled to not be soaked right down to the sheets. And I’m happy to not wake up to the sounds of a screaming toddler. Everybody wins! Hooray!

Curious George comes to save the day at Edaville


I hate to even utter the words, but let’s face it, summer is winding down. My baby is now 7 weeks old and I’m just starting to feel like I can go out with all three kids. This weekend is going to be one of those times because Curious George is coming to Edaville USA.

Summer reading picks for preschoolers

Dr. Seuss collection

Summer is a great time to catch up on reading or to start good reading habits with your children. My daughter and I have been spending our afternoons reading new books, as that’s our special time together because my 17-month-old is napping.