Gift ideas for tots, moms, dads, parents-to-be

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If you’re like me and still shopping or looking for a gift for some of your loved ones, I’ve hand-picked some of my favorites that are out there right now. These aren’t necessarily items you’ll see in the Sunday paper circulars, so you’ll definitely have a unique gift!

Make It! Easy Gingerbread Village

gingerbread village

{Guest Post} This simple recipe was adapted from my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop. We’ve been doing it this way for the past six years and we’ve never gone back to the classic Gingerbread House recipe. The best part? You probably have most of this stuff sitting in your pantry!

Get creative this holiday and roast a Turducken

turducken featured

{Guest Post} It’s hard to believe that the holidays are almost here! I just hosted my family for Thanksgiving (up to 32 adults and children!), so I am always looking for new recipes to serve my guests, and to save time. Well, this year, I have a new one…a roasted turducken. Have you ever heard of it?

Salt dough hand-print reindeer and cookie cutter ornaments

Easy salt dough Christmas tree ornaments

If you’re thinking about adding some homemade ornaments to your Christmas tree, it’s not too late to get crafty. Here are two easy salt dough ornaments that show off those tiny hands and fingers from your favorite little person. It’s so easy and fun, and also can make for an adorable keepsake gift!

Travel trouble-free with your kids this holiday season

(Photo Courtesy: Bonnie Bryden/WPRI)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I just adore the holiday season. From family gatherings to decking the halls, the spirit of Christmas truly does imbue me. What doesn’t jingle my bells however, is the added stress us parents put on ourselves. You know what I’m talking about, rushing around trying to buy presents and also doing your best to check out all the holiday sights and of course, visit with relatives.