Stuffed animal storage solutions

Riley with stuffed animals
I think as parents we can all agree that kids love stuffed animals. I remember when I was little I would give my stuffed animals plenty of room to sleep, even if it meant me hanging half off the bed!

Of course, my daughter is the same way, but she has so many now, that half are lined up on the floor and the other half are in her bed.

In an effort to be organized, I’ve been searching for a stuffed animal solution. I don’t want them hidden somewhere in her room because then she’ll forget about them. I just want them organized and not collecting dust.

I remember my parents tried to clean up my animals and purchased a netted hammock for them to hang out in. Well, they ended up being out of my reach and lived there awhile.

Here are some solutions I’ve found. From bins to baskets and everything in between.

I actually just purchased the Boon Animal Bag in silver for my daughter’s room, so hopefully this helps a bit! She really likes it, and the zipper is easy for a 3-year-old to do.

What kind of stuffed animal storage solution are you using?